Our Story

Executive Chef + Owner Jesús Martínez’ techniques, focus and top-quality ingredients expand on the rich, healthy profiles of the Mediterranean diet grounded on olive oil and fresh ingredients. Alcalá Restaurant offers a fine dining experience based on an updated traditional Spanish cuisine menu. Alcalá menu finds inspiration on the distinctive culinary-rich regions of Spain such as Galicia, Madrid, Catalonia, Andalucía, Valencia, the Basque Country and beyond.

What ignited your passion for cooking?

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had a passion for combining delicate flavors. Growing up in Galicia, Spain, my parents owned a taverna and this allowed me to truly cultivate my skills as a chef. I began to develop an admiration for using fresh + quality ingredients and this is what I want my food to represent, a rich + eclectic combination of flavors made with love and careful attention to detail.

The best compliments I receive are when my guests tell me that their food reminds them of their mother’s cooking. I’m passionate about making food that entices my guests and fills them with positive emotion + nostalgia.

What inspired the Alcalá menu?

My goal was to create a modern rendition on classic Spanish flavors and dishes. Born and raised in Galicia, I take pride in creating meals that represent the utmost quality and flavor. Food that makes you feel good.